About Us

Since 1998, the team of PT. Homeware International Indonesia (PT.HII) has been working with varieties of major retailers
in the US, Europe and other parts of the world.   PT. HII is offering business solution to the customers that includes designs,
sourcing and manufacturing high quality home accessories and furniture.  Over the years, PT.HII has developed a great
deal of experience in 'Supply Chain Management' for handcrafted products and is recognized in the business.  The procedures involved in 'Supply Chain Management' include careful monitoring of 'Quality' as well as 'On time delivery' managed across the associated human resources.  A great deal of work has also been done to set the highest standards for ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) as required by many of our customers.  The company has built up a wide network of specialist outworkers in each of the areas where the skills of the artisans are matched to the varieties of natural raw materials readily available in their regions.  These are done to accommodate working with all natural material that is indigenous to Indonesia.  In addition, by merging with PT Nine Square Indonesia (located in Yogyakarta) we have expanded our product ranges to include home accessories.  This affiliation is part of our vision to satisfy the growing needs to our customers.

Our head office is located in our factory in Curug, Tangerang (about one hour outside Jakarta).  Showrooms for our products are situated in our offices in Jakarta and Yogyakarta to help accommodate all the buyers.  Having a unit in Yogyakarta provides a facility that improves the delivery and control of sampling as well production.  Our company also works closely with all the sources of its handcrafted products from all over Indonesia including our manufacturing facility in Lombok, which produces a wide variety of specialist 'Lombok weave' rattan products.  Alongside the 'Handcrafted' products, our factory in Tangerang (West Java) produces a wide range of products made from rattan, waterhyacinth and other natural fibers, which are then processed and finished under factory conditions.

Management in general
At our head office, the company manages the account handling, design, product development, production and logistics for the whole operation.  The office also handles sales and marketing for the company. With years of experience, our marketing and development teams are always very keen on working closely with the customers and the appointed representatives worldwide.  In Yogyakarta and Tangerang, our team is able to coordinate the sourcing of products and managing all the outworkers, in-house production and the quality control of the products.  Logistics and warehousing are also managed locally in Yogyakarta and Tangerang.  A joint program with Cirebon unit manages the sourcing, production and the finishing of rattan furniture.  Similar unit in Solo is managing the sourcing and in-house production of wooden garden furniture, flooring and doors.

Product range
Home accessories, baskets, storage and furniture made from natural fibers, rattan, wood, terracotta, natural stone, and other synthetic materials.  Also, by the support of our production facilities in Jogjakarta, we are able to provide customers with wider range of products for the application of home accessories such as vases, mirrors, photo frames, lighting and furniture. Our products from Jogja also include tabletops, mats, bathroom accessories and handbags.

Subject to product mix up to 15 containers 40" per month


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